We are community, love & struggle

A podcast to our power, fragility & permanence 

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A podcast about love, community, solidarity, healing & creating. Encounters full of stories, movement and change
that leave room for the unexpected with the purpose of transforming society and elevating a new generation.

The Podcast

Join me and my sisters as we share our stories; create community, amplify voices, elevate a new generation committed to gender justice and social change.

The Blog

The blog of Salt is a collective space where we come together to write and share our stories, get connected and initiate change.

The Community

Connect with me, share your story, sign up for the Salt The Podcast zine, write for the blog and speak on the show.

About me


The stories of SALT are our wisdom, our pain, they are love, and we will always carry them with us. Some of them will become our legacy.

My wish for Salt is to go as far as it can, to move, to give joy, comfort and initiate change. That Salt will birth a generation of strong, honest, vulnerable, brave, feminist people, courageous in their actions, loving in their hearts and creative in their minds.