About me

I am fascinated by the sincerity of people, their experiences, stories, minds and deeply believe that we truly own are our stories: they are our wisdom, our pain, they are love, connect us with each other. I love having deep conversations where I will challenge you and myself to the core, no sugar-coating, but with lots of honest and deep love to give. I am astute, I feel things and people around me. 

My friends whom I love dearly come in all colours and sizes, from all kinds of backgrounds. I do not stick to one circle and love the multi-layered, multi-faceted beauty of life and people. I believe that we are all hybrid identities, heterogeneous multiplicities, many things; let us be wilful about it.

I have a passion for ice-cream and with four little people and my other half, my rock, I live in a home full of life, books and languages. We speak four – Greek, Spanish, English and Dutch- all day long and at the same time.  

Academia has always been a true source of inspiration and change to me and after 12 years of working life I went back to it and did a Master in Gender Studies. I also started Salt because I forgot to forget. Salt is for my daughter, my mother, my grandmother, for every body. It is for us to come together, to organize ourselves, break generational narratives, and achieve social justice.

About SALT the Podcast

Salt The Podcast is about honest and bold conversations with outspoken, courageous, and wise women from all spheres of life. Our encounters are part of a collaborative project. We are contesting, deconstructing, passionately recreating and forming connections with the hope of changing systems and perceptions. Our conversations are not static interviews but flow into each other, they create space for what matters in an individualized world that constantly distracts and disconnects us from our core. They leave room for the unexpected.

Salt is love, community, solidarity, a collective, healing, creating. It is feminist, intersectional, full of stories, movement and change. It insists, evolves and transforms. It is a commitment because as Kimberlé Crenshaw says “women come from a whole range of backgrounds. If our visions of peace don’t include these differences, then our peace will be partial.’’  

My Audience

I am speaking to women from all spheres of life regardless of their creed, age, socio-economic background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, culture, and story with an intersectional feminist outlook that have a keen desire in coming together to transform society.

Women that dare to go beyond and above, that inspire and get inspired to activate theirs and their sisters’ passion, purpose and potential. Women that understand that by coming together and organizing ourselves effectively we can create magic, achieve social justice and enrich lives for present and future generations to come. We can pass the Salt. 

My Guests

My podcast will host artists, activists, academics, mothers, thought-leaders, educators, healers, allies, world-changers. Women that I have met on my way, that I admire, love and care about. Women whose voices I want to elevate, whose knowledge needs to be shared and whose stories be told. 

Women who understand that the intersection of gender, race, class, sexuality, ability and any other form of diversity create different realities for each of our sisters. It will be you, me, us having meaningful and defined moments together. We will take responsibility, create allies, recognize women, build solidarity and create legacies for our future generations.