Birth is Powerful

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Birth is powerful

By Stella Saliari

For my third pregnancy I needed a doula. I had decided that long time ago. I found her in Miranda. She was also the one introducing me to Hypnobirthing. I attended Miranda’s classes, they changed everything for me. 

They empowered me, they taught me about my rights, the various ways of giving birth. A whole new world revealed itself in front of me. I learnt how to birth a child. And this changed my life. 

Our daughter was born in November. I breathed her into this world, and I felt every bit of my birth while having my eyes closed for four hours. I was relaxed, I was breathing, I did not allow anything external to ruin the state I was in.

I was so close to my partner, my rock. Miranda and he were taking care of me, they made sure my needs were met. We were all in tune. Every time I felt a contraction, I imagined a wave, the waters of my favourite beach on my beloved island. Every wave gave me new strength, imagining myself in the waters giving life to my daughter empowered me. I knew exactly what I was doing, and I was determined to do it my way.

Miranda was there for me, she called me beautiful, she witnessed my power and reminded me what I could do. She taught me that birth is powerful in a different way than I had learnt and experienced before. I wish that every woman can experience what I experienced. It healed my heart and mind. So be ferocious in taking care of yourself, asking questions and changing the narrative we view birth and give life.