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Salt is an intersectional feminist space. We focus on centering personal stories, oral histories and testimonies by positioning our guests as describers of their stories, speakers of themselves, as readers and analysts of their situation.

In doing so, we neither record nor locate those stories just for the sake of those stories, we do not want to expose our guests, exhaust them and reduce them solely to their personal stories. We have no interest in ‘selling’ stories for sensational purposes, in contributing to the perpetuation of stereotypes and invasion of personal lives.

Through telling our stories here on Salt we react to the injustices of the world, we claim our testimonials as part of feminist knowledge production, our stories are a form of resistance aiming at forging solidarity among us, positioning us a agents.

We document these stories against predominant discourses, fascist regimes, one-sided knowledge production, colonialism, oppression, in moments of history where narratives are either not known, manipulated or erased. We remember to resist, to disturb people’s comfort zones, to document our stories, to withstand being told we are too much and in doing so we collaborate with each other, aiming at achieving social justice.